EP. 11: Defeated Sanity

Cali Death Podcast kicked off 2021 by welcoming on the champions of modern death metal: Defeated Sanity, who assimilated Cali Death influence into their multifaceted and ultimately unique style. Together with drummer & founder Lille Gruber, bassist Jacob Schmidt, and vocalist Josh Welshman, we covered all kinds of topics, including:

  • How Odious Mortem used to listen to 2004’s Prelude to the Tragedy on the way to practice;
  • Wolfgang Teske’s guitar style and how it shines through on 2007’s Psalms of the Moribund;
  • Recruiting A.J. MagaƱa for 2010’s Chapters of Repugnance;
  • How the band’s songwriting changed with 2013’s Passages into Deformity;
  • Bringing the progressive material from 2016’s Dharmata on the road;
  • How The Police inspired the vocal patterns on 2020’s The Sanguinary Impetus;
    and many more!

Support Defeated Sanity at Big Cartel

Lille Gruber’s Calculated Barbarity (Patreon page)

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