The Last of Lucy, Dischordia to tour Eastern US in June

Transcending Obscurity labelmates Dischordia and The Last of Lucy will be bringing their distinct brands of technical death metal across the eastern United States this June on “The Abyss Tour.” Dischordia’s latest offering is 2022’s Triptych. Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Replicant), the album showcases the band’s signature dissonant brand of tech deathContinue reading “The Last of Lucy, Dischordia to tour Eastern US in June”

Cali Death Podcast: Official Sponsor of Chicago Domination Fest 8

Cali Death Podcast is proud to be an official sponsor of Chicago Domination Fest 8, which takes place July 27-29th at Brauerhouse in Lombard, Il. UPDATE: Since the original post, 3 more bands have been announced: Cephalotripsy, Putridity, and Vile. The festival flyer has been updated to reflect this announcement. Chicago Domination Fest is comingContinue reading “Cali Death Podcast: Official Sponsor of Chicago Domination Fest 8”

Episode Excerpt: Dennis Röndum (Spawn of Possession) on playing “Scorched”, and BEGOTTEN (unreleased album feat. SOP members)

Blogging returns to! Coming off our recent episode #37 with Dennis Röndum, drummer and vocalist of the legendary Spawn of Possession, we had a great career-spanning discussion, with several interesting topics that are highlighted below. Recording the drums for “Scorched” Spawn of Possession pushed the boundaries of death metal in nearly every direction: songwriting,Continue reading “Episode Excerpt: Dennis Röndum (Spawn of Possession) on playing “Scorched”, and BEGOTTEN (unreleased album feat. SOP members)”

Album Review: “Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone” by Ominous Ruin

With Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone, Ominous Ruin demonstrate a mastery of the tech death genre, utilizing razor-sharp riffage and calculated brutality to craft a collection of memorable songs that are full of suspense and vitality. Their offering has already reinvigorated a scene that one might have thought had already passed through its heyday.

Episode Excerpt: Defeated Sanity on recruiting AJ Magana, recording Chapters of Repugnance

Defeated Sanity’s Chapters of Repugnance (2010), once advertised via CD sticker as “the most brutal album of all time,” owes its heaviness in part to the insane vocals of California Death Metal vocalist AJ Magana. In this excerpt we asked the band how they got hooked up with AJ to record the album and perform a select few shows.

Episode Excerpt: Diego Sanchez on his formative musical history

In this excerpt from Ep. 4, Diego Sanchez talks to us about his family’s musical heritage, getting exposed to death metal in high school, playing in Strangulation alongside Ben Marlin and Travis Ryan, learning alternate picking in order to play Disgorge, and writing the material for 1999’s She Lay Gutted.