Cali Death Podcast: Official Sponsor of Chicago Domination Fest 8

Cali Death Podcast is proud to be an official sponsor of Chicago Domination Fest 8, which takes place July 27-29th at Brauerhouse in Lombard, Il.

UPDATE: Since the original post, 3 more bands have been announced: Cephalotripsy, Putridity, and Vile. The festival flyer has been updated to reflect this announcement.

Chicago Domination Fest is coming back bigger than ever in 2023 thanks to the hard work of organizer Miguel Goregrinder and his team. Thus far, twenty seven bands have been announced, and it’s already shaped up to be a great festival, with old school acts such as Immortal Suffering, Human Artifacts, and Brodequin appearing alongside popular acts from recent festival iterations such as Stabbing, Reviled, and Wormhole.

But with six bands awaiting announcement, it’s quite possible that CDF 8 is the most ambitious underground death metal festival in years. In fact, we at Cali Death Podcast can be quite confident in saying that CDF 8 is destined to be a legendary, S-tier festival, as we’ll be announcing three more bands on our episode #124 coming this Thursday, April 6th.

Tickets for Chicago Domination Fest are on sale here. You can also follow CDF on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Below are some Cali Death Podcast episodes featuring guests who have performed at CDFs of the past:

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